Chocolate sweets "Hearts" with an inscription of chocolate letters. To order!

Handmade sweets have a certain charm, comfort and magic. They are remembered for their originality and taste.

And all because they are handmade by our chocolatiers with love for their work.

Also, our chocolates have one important advantage - as a rule, we prepare them for the date you need, and not 6-12 months in advance if you bought sweets in a store. Factory candy usually has a shelf life of up to 12 months. Our sweets are always very fresh.

We guarantee that your gift will become unforgettable and unusual, unlike standard boxes of chocolates from a supermarket, made on automated soulless equipment.

The set includes: white and milk chocolate hearts with "Coconut and butter cream" filling; and pink strawberry stuffed with "Caramel and biscuits, peanuts and raisins" and chocolate letters. All made with Belgian Barry Callebaut chocolate. Weight 250 gr

Any inscription is possible, up to 9 chocolate letters
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