Gift box "Hanza"

We know firsthand how difficult it can be to find something original for a hotel. And so this box was born, decorated with a national ornament codenamed Khanza - a chest in which valuable things were kept by the Buryats.

In the box we put the most delicious and original goods that are produced in Ulan-Ude by our fellow countrymen - small companies that have long established themselves.

So what's in boxing
1. Chocolate booze from our workshop in "Siberian assorted" poznitsa, three flavors: cedar roasted nuts, sea buckthorn and lingonberry ganache - the most Siberian poznitsa!
2. Pine cones jam - aromatic, original and tasty!
3. Honey gingerbread with lingonberry and edible ornament - fresh, natural taste.
4. Peanut butter with pine nuts - healthy, own, dear
5. Author's tea from our workshop: black tea with sea buckthorn and willow tea: thick bright rich taste, coupled with benefits for the body ..
6. Slab milk chocolate "Parcel" - in craft packaging with a wax seal and twine -
7. Baikal sulfur "Baikal resin" - larch resin reduces the risk of inflammation of the oral mucosa, cleanses, strengthens.
8. Cedar cone - for entourage / Or fabric mask of our production - very important.
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